Would you dine at this luxe concept restaurant that's built over the edge of a cliff? The Biré Bitori restaurant by Tall Arquitectosis is designed to provide stunning panoramic views of Mexico's Copper Canyon.

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The Mahina House – Futuristic house, Kawau Island, North of Auckland, New Zealand. Designed in a curved crescent shape with ceiling-to-floor glass and a modern, white interior design. The house has a floor area of 827sq m and will feature a plant room, deck, swimming pool and “thermal mass” to regulate internal temperatures. .

Luxury Villa Mahina in Kawau Island, New Zealand. The dream house “Mahina” (means moon) was designed by “Weber Consulting” and as its name suggests, has the form of a crescent.

Truffle House. Proyecto de Ensamble Studio en Laxe, España.

Truffle House by Ensamble Studio, Spain, Iakov Chernikhov Prize winner 2012