The secret of how to make a star ornament that looks beautiful and intricate, but is surprisingly simple to make. A homemade Christmas decoration your friends will marvel at!

Fold it into a pentagon the origami way- then most of the folding is already done. But still fun. 5 pointed origami star Christmas ornaments - step by step instructions

Paper Foil Medallions for Your New Year’s Celebration

Paper Medallions Made from Foil Gift Wrap

Make these easy paper medallion stars for your party decorations. Use the step-by-step tutorial for this stunning DIY star.

if you have a busy december , it is very possible you haven’t made your christmas decoration yet. just for those of us is a cute idea that we used in soffa magazine - decoration with paper christmas trees. and since throughout this year the bronze and...


How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree. Decorating with paper Christmas trees can be a beautiful and inexpensive way to create a festive holiday atmosphere in your home or office. Not only are paper Christmas trees beautiful, they are also.

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