Ebi by yHa architects + L&C design (Architects: yHa architects (Yujin HIRASE)+ L&C design (Ayaka YASUDA)) / Tokyo, Japan

Ebi / yHa architects + L&C design

現実的にマイビルを建築するなら「ミニコンド」から?ミニコンドのインスピレーションとアイディア。 | Modern Glamour モダン・グラマー NYスタイル。・・BEAUTY CLOSET <美とクローゼットの法則>


Biscay Statutory Library / IMB Arquitectos

Biscay Statutory Library / IMB Arquitectos

Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers. modern architecture Biscay Statutory Library designed by IMB Arquitectos, Bilbao, Spain.

Gallery of Tagore 8 / SCDA Architects - 6

Gallery of Tagore 8 / SCDA Architects - 6

N-Blox is a proposed residential building in Toronto, Canada.  Designed by Quadrangle Architects.

Cube Lofts is the result of a careful study of mainstreet form and a commitment to creating a superior living environment in a mixed-use format. Cube employs a design strategy which can be replicated on a number of sites along Toronto’s many avenues

Mokuzaikaikan,© Nacasa & Partners Inc, Harunori Noda

Gallery of Mokuzaikaikan / Nikken Sekkei - 6

Abstract facade/ Mokuzai Kaikan, Tokyo, by Nikken Sekkei , Headquarters for the Wood Wholesalers Union in Tokyo

Galería de Edificio Armenia 1929-1933 / María Victoria Besonías + Luciano Kruk…

Galería de Edificio Armenia 1929-1933 / BAK Arquitectos - 5

Image 5 of 25 from gallery of Armenia Building / Luciano Kruk + María Victoria Besonías. Photograph by Daniela Mac Adden

T.S.R.Building in Tokyo by Jun’ichi Ito Architect & Associates

T.S.R.Building / Jun’ichi Ito Architect & Associates

Building / Jun’ichi Ito Architect & Associates doors Blue Room - Wren Building - William & Mary - Williamsburg Live Work Home by Cook .

UCSF Mission Bay Parking Structure

Image 1 of 18 from gallery of Mission Bay Block 27 Parking Structure / WRNS Studio. Photograph by Tim Griffith Photography