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Do you need speaker stands to produce better sound? Try this DIY speaker stands ideas and save your money for hundreds of dollars.

Vintage Hifi 1 | audio, audio klassiker, cassette, cd player, chrom, chrome…

Vintage Hifi 1 | audio, audio klassiker, cassette, cd player, chrom, chrome…


Cush Design Studio makes custom consoles for your record player setup, with space for vinyls and speakers. It's made of corrugated cardboard and walnut.

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Here is a rare player from the by a company known for their quality, FERGUSON. This amazing teak and chrome player sounds as good as it .

Sofie Fatouretchi spoke to us her new Stones Thrown compilation, record stores in Vienna and digging for Cyrillic vinyl with Primo.

I need this! Symbol Audio - LPC 202 Record Storage Cabinet

AERO 202 Record Storage Cabinet

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Do this, but have it so the sound bar is somehow intergrated. Hidden turntable / record player using an Ikea pull-out Besta frame by Lauren & Kyle Zerbey

Vinyl Record cabinet/storage

The Record Cabinet by Atocha Design

House your record collection in handmade American furniture that looks as good as LPs sound. Record cabinets, storage, DJ Tables for vinyl listeners.

another saturday project add a top section to house tv components and use as tv stand, perhaps use clear acrylic for dividers

Vinyl Record Storage Cabinets - Storage cabinets are needed by everyone. I believe you should have some type of storage cupb