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Porcupine fish are fish belonging to the family Diodontidae (order Tetraodontiformes), also commonly known as blowfish and, sometimes, balloon fish and globefish.

tattoo idea: sunken pirate ship love the look of this shipwreck in the red sea

Shipwreck, Red Sea --Wreck of the Giannis D., sunk after hitting a submerged reef in the northern Red Sea, Egypt. Everyone escaped alive.

Fighting Fish = My first pet...I named him Karate.

photography cute Black and White fashion kawaii beautiful photo dancing photograph black Grunge picture pic water fish nice other ocean sea pastel bubbles photographie betta creatures noir et blanc fishy serene poisson carpa fish cool

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Genetically engineered angelfish (Pterophyllum) glow in a tank at the 2012 Taiwan international aquarium expo. The fish are the world's first pink fluorescent angelfish and can view without black light.

The Baby Turtle | Encyclopaedia of Babies of Beautiful Wild Animals

A green sea turtle hovering over a reef is cleaned by a school of fish in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. photo be Andre Seale