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30 Creative DIY examples of Candle Holders

30 Creative DIY examples of Candle Holders

apple tea lights - i don't think i'd want to use apples, but i like the idea. maybe artichokes in spring or gourds for a fall fête?

Orange candle. Fill peel with olive oil no need for a wick. Use the pith in the middle of the orange for your wick. Do not leave unattended. It will burn for a few hours

Pop-Up Cleaning Wipes

All natural, eco-friendly, sensationally smelling candle! Separate the orange peel from the Orange Pour olive oil into the orange peel half until it is full. Light the middle piece of the orange peel and ta-da! A candle for every orange you eat!

simple ribbon and an ornate gathering of cuts or a wood cutout in the middle of a hurricane.

PERFECT FOR FALL WEDDING.Pinecone Hurricane Vase Flowers and paper leaves accessorize hurricanes. After making the blossom, affix it to decorative ribbon and wrap around hurricane vases.

Place a can (or a drinking glass) under candle to add height - add filler. Also helps your candle sit straight.

Place a can under candle before filler (Be it candies, flowers, other holiday decorations) - you'll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight! Place Hurricane over top and a perfect centerpiece!

Here's a great little way to make your own amazingly scented candles. The next time you want to snack on an orange, make sure you save the ...

DIY Orange Peel Candle: Just imagine how good this would smell! Research: orange peels are flamable esp. volitive oil of peel.

Make your own Shell Candles: tutorial from Martha Stewart... I WANT TO MAKE THESE.

Shell Candles

DIY Beach Wedding Inspiration Idea - Learn how to create these DIY Seashell Candles with your shell collection and candle wax. cute I kinda like beach wedding idea since I'm so close and I'm sure its not as much:-D

Candle holders made from food cans. Poke any design you want!

HOW TO: Recycle a Tin Can Into a Gorgeous Outdoor Lantern for Summer Parties Drill holes into tin cans and put candles in them. Lovely for an outdoor party or along the driveway.

Large Birch Bark Log Tea Light Candle Holders by FloralAccents

Large Birch Bark Log Tea Light Candle Holders Set of These birch candle holders measure The diameter is approx. I have also included the tea lights!

Use old pictures as a table runner...

A table runner made out of old family photos. Make copies and laminate them, so you don't damage any originals! Great idea for wedding/anniversary party. i would do for rehearsal dinner.