30 Creative DIY examples of Candle Holders

apple tea lights - i don't think i'd want to use apples, but i like the idea. maybe artichokes in spring or gourds for a fall fête?


Apple tealight candles for fall decor. I have the tea light corer thing for this!

July- Lime and tea lights. Lemongrass? Lime leaves?

Daily Squeeze — Lime and Herb Candle Place Settings A touch of.

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A Candy-Apple Wedding

The Candle Carver turns the most basic fruit and vegetable into candle lit objects. Simply twist the Candle Carver into apples, pears, squash, mini pumpkin… and it carves a hole that is just the right size for a tea light. Pumpkin s

DIY Candle Holders - Great Ideas

D,IY Candle Holders - Great Ideas & Tutorials!


Minus the Cinnamon -DIY Apple Candles. Cut a section out at the top of a fresh apple, place a tea light in the cut out area, sprinkle some cinnamon around the top. When you burn the candle it smells like fresh apple pie!

in love with the small things: DIY green apple centerpiece - i would use red apples and sunfloweres

in love with the small things: DIY green apple centerpiece - i would use red apples and sunfloweres (Diy Candles Color)

tafeldecoratie met appels - Google zoeken

Apple centerpiece by Petit Gateau concept parties. Photo: Boaz Lavi for Nisha magazine. Perfect for fall, maybe mix it up with different colored apples.

twigs & leaves

Candles in flower pots. I've used this idea on the deck during the summer months for many year now. Unbelievable how much light they throw off. Also, the ambience from the glow of candles is SUPER! This would work around a tiny house garden

These apple tea lights are SO COOL and so beautiful for fall!! And they're really easy to make too!

Fresh Apple Tea Lights - An apple candle holder tutorial

Here's an easy tutorial with loads of pictures for how to make apple tea lights.These are such a gorgeous idea to decorate an autumn table! Use red apples or glitter the apples for the holiday season.


Simple Spring Centerpiece - Lemons Limes Sprigs of Rosemary--imagine the wonderful smell

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seating cards disney themed wedding with red apples.

Amp up the festive look of your Thanksgiving meal with these DIY apple candles.

Apple Tea Lights Beautiful festive fall decoration for an apple-inspired fall party.

great color and love the candles! So simple!

This beautiful small square shaped glass. Place the vases upside down with candles on the top as shown in the photo and place fruit inside to create this beautiful candle centerpiece. The vases can also be filled WITH PINE CONES IN THE FALL

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How to Make Bath Bombs: DIY Wedding Favors

All natural, eco-friendly, sensationally smelling candle! Separate the orange peel from the Orange Pour olive oil into the orange peel half until it is full. Light the middle piece of the orange peel and ta-da! A candle for every orange you eat!

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DIY Water Balloon Candle Holders - Project website has helpful tips in comments about problems others ran into.haven't tried myself yet, but look how beautiful.