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Want these gorgeous pumpkin mugs for my fall decor!

I love these and must have me some gorgeous pumpkin mugs for my fall decor! They would be perfect for sipping hot cocoa or cider.

Vermont Foliage Drive | Photographs - Yankee Magazine

Vermont Foliage Drive

Как вы думаете с чего начинается каждое утро? Ну конечно же, с кружечки крепкого кофе или бодрящего чая. И эти кружечки бывают такими разными :) Согласитесь, мы выбираем такую кружку, чтобы было приятно начинать новый день. У меня, например, несколько кружек. И каждая предназначена для определенного напитка: для кофе, для чая, для компота. Но есть такие оригинальные кружки, на которые смотришь и…

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this brutal heatwave has had everyone yearning for autumn

My mind instantly turned to Halloween as i rounded the big red Barn to see a massive field filled with bright orange pumpkins

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This is soooo me! I've always said I'd love to find a place that's autumn all year round. I'd move there in a heartbeat!

"Ah September!  You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul. .." - beautiful quote. FALLTEMBER!

Monday, September 2017 ~ 3 months from now, we'll be celebrating Christmas---again---already! The years fly by. Day spent in busy solitude. Love the quietness and softer slant of the sun that September brings.

Autumn Lovelies With Ruche (via Bloglovin.com )

Autumn Lovelies With Ruche (Heart Handmade uk)

All the leaves fall. My grades fall. My motivation falls -- that's why its called Fall

Step into Fall! Fall colors are amazing. #Fall #Shoes #Crocs Put your best foot forward this fall with styles from crocs.com

Autumn ♥︎ I Love Fall weather ~ its leaves, changing colors , pumpkins, harvesting the fields, cool brisk fall air ~ perfect time to take walks.