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The Radiator Cover- use pallets and metal radiator cover
Radiator Cover  http://www.woodenradiatorcabinet.com/images/product/shaker/shaker-1.jpg
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Pallet furniture, radiator cover , Kitchen design.
global views console table. Good idea for radiator cover! #global
The traditional loft design with no dividing walls and a warehouse feel is not exactly comfortable for everyone. Still, the open loft aesthetic is ideal for con
Radiator refinishing/painting project. Removed six layers of old paint with Citrigel Stripping Paint, and then repainted with Rustoleum high heat primer & silver engine spray!
Dar vida a objetos olvidados...: Palet cubreradiador
radiator cover made with pallets - Recherche Google
My 3rd radiator cover from pallet wood..love it