rose with geometric background

Circle tattoos are magical little vignettes, and people are falling in love with this one artist's exquisite creations.

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watercolor tattoo flower

These Watercolor Tattoos Are *Literally* Art on Your Body

I put this tatoo in my I love the because it reminds me of the flowers my mother used and her decorating and a lot of other mothers used and they're decorating when I was a kid back in the early

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culturenlifestyle: “ Stunning Dreamlike Circular Tattoos by Eva Krbdk Istanbul-based artist Eva Krbdk composes beautiful miniature tattoos with a spellbinding and magical quality.

it's okay to live outside the lines sometimes/i would have the rose inside the triangle colored

I want the tattoo I drew to be like this. Everything in ink that's a little fainter than the compass surrounding it all