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A male Phidippus audax, also known as the daring or bold jumping spider. Here its iridescent chelicerae (mouthparts) are visible, as are its large forward-facing eyes, which give it good stereoscopic vision.


spider (omg) --wait a minute. How do we know this is a spider? What part of it is a spider? Without eight legs, how is it a spider?

It carries it's own water!  :)

Jumping spider, wearing water droplet ~ Uda Dennie from Batam Island, Indonesia

Macrofotografía extrema con Jorge Fardels

A composite image of a jumping spider at magnification. Jorge Fardels/Solent News/Rex Features/Associated Press

Jumping Spider (Dendryphantes Rudis) ~ By Fredrik Tegnér

Jumping Spider (Dendryphantes Rudis) ~ By Fredrik Tegnér. he has dandruff

Spider eyes - I'm outta here!

Spider thinks you are cute, but he is a little scared of humans.