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Lamprima adolphinae: poor guy everyone's stealing his wings

Lamprima adolphinae, a stag beetle.

Campsosternus mirabilis

Campsosternus mirabilis ~ Metallics ~ Still big on the run ways and gaining in makeup.try a quality lipstick ~ for pop and bling! Worn by yr olds.but, I have seen 50 year olds pull it off ~ SO HAVE FUN AND EXPERIMENT

Dicronocephalus wallichi

Dicronocephalus wallichi Hope, 1831 - CETONIIDAE - a flower chafer beetle

Stag beetle

Stag beetle Cyclommatus metallifer SE Asia : Males with larger mandibles outcompete males with smaller mandibles have greater access to females . This has driven the evolution of increasingly larger, more elaborate mandibles.


"Like butterflies, different species of fruit flies decorate their wings with a great diversity of spots and patterns. (photo by Nicolas Gompel and Benjamin Prud’homme)INSPIRATION FOR CANES

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Lucanus cervus // Stag Beetle // aka Little Killing Machine <<yikes!