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Bas Relief cake tutorial by the award winning cake designer Shannon Bond, she shows us all the tricks in this step by step HD video tutorial. Learn all the tricks to making your bas relief pop to the next level with Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art www.avaloncakesschool.com

Bas Relief Cake Texture Tutorial Shannon Bond

This week, the lovely, award winning wedding cake designer, Shannon Bond shows use how to create her signature "Bas Relief" look!

Sugar Realm Bas-Relief Technique Tutorial

I originally learned the Bas-Relief technique from the acclaimed Maggie Austin, whose cakes are true pieces of edible art.

maggie austin bas relief cakes | Learn Multidimensional Sugar Work in: Decorating in Three Dimensions

Decorating in Three Dimensions

Looking for cake decorating project inspiration? Check out Bas-Relief Highlighted in Metallics by member Maggie Austin.

Black is the only color used for this unique cake, which features intricate flower detailing made using silicone molds, then dusted with metallic luster dust, which gives the fondant topped cake an ornate yet slightly antiqued finished look, like a piece of relief art. #ManAboutCake

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