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Glittering Blue is a spectacular stop motion video of Earth created with images taken by Japan's weather satellite captured over the course of a

Blog de baile, danza, pole y más...: Descubren dos genes que predisponen al baile

Controlling genes with light: New technique can rapidly turn genes on and off, helping scientists better understand their function

Based on the Drake equation, although not accurate.  It is more so the imagination behind it...

Alien Civilisations - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Are we alone in the Universe? Based on Drake’s equation and what we know so far there should be at least communicating civilizations in the universe. We just need to find one.

Tierra. La foto más asombrosa de la Tierra jamás tomada es de más reciente satélite meteorológico de Rusia, el Electro-L en aproximadamente 36.000 kilómetros sobre el ecuador. Increíblemente sorprendente.

This magnificent image is a portrait of the Earth taken in one single shot. At 121 megapixels, it is the highest resolution image of the planet ever and was taken by the geostationary Russian weather satellite the Electro-L.

Oblong G-Speak

g-speak™ is Oblong's core technology platform. g-speak is used today to address high-value, real-time, big-data, and big-workflow challenges in applications…

Earth from Space by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, via Flickr - a great image showing us and our atmosphere. It's also possible to see which side is getting sunlight.

President Obama said, “Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home. And today, there’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.

Así se crea un agujero negro - Vídeo - 20minutos.tv

Así se crea un agujero negro - Vídeo - 20minutos.tv

Drug Cartels Vs. The Cutest Mammal In The Sea - he vaquita, a mysterious and strikingly-beautiful porpoise species, is down to a population of just 100, making it the most critically endangered marine mammal in the world. And worse, scientists say, a horrifying new development, which involves drug cartels and Chinese wildlife traffickers, could drive the animals to extinction within three years

Vaquitas, also known as the "Gulf of California porpoise" or "Cochito," are elusive and timid members of the porpoise family. They were first described by western scientists in 1958 based on several skulls.

Cet appareil photo numérique, a été créé par Kodak sur la base d’un Nikon F3 argentique, le gros truc en dessous c’est la « carte mémoire » reliée au boiter par un fil. En 1991 la Nasa l’embarqua à bord de la Navette Spatiale sur la mission STS-44, et lui donna l’honneur d’être le premier appareil photo …

Le Hawkeye II de Nikon/Kodak, le premier appareil photo numérique dans l'espace

Read Image from Rosetta mission shows Philae Lander on comet latest on ITV News. All the Science news