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The Vibration Centers of the Individual and the Cosmic Existence for Spiritual Healing and Self-Realization

The Five Element Acupuncture Poster - Clinical Charts and Supplies

The Five Element Acupuncture Poster

Buy medical educational anatomy posters and anatomical models for, Acupuncture,Chiropractic,Veterinary and more.


Yi Energy: One of Five Types of Energies in Taoist Five Element Theory

Yi energy is one of the five types of energies of Taoist elemental theory. This theory is used in acupuncture, medical qigong, tui na massage and in qigong exercises sets to help improve health.

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Meridians of the body and charkra chart. Shiatsu and relax one of the most effective modalities. Get to the root of your problems.for good health. The Way of Wellness Massage