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Flying Feather Gypsy Horse gypsyloves  http://media-cache4.pinterest.com/upload/55661745364549666_CcPdcW27_f.jpg

The Flying Feather Gypsy Horse Club is a Colorado based equine club with the goal of simply enjoying the Gypsy Horses (aka Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Tinker Horse) with fellow enthusiasts and to educate others on this wonderful breed.


An Isabelo horse. Isabeloes are the lightest shade of Palominos. They were first heard of in history during the time of Queen Isabella (where the name come froms) of Spain. The famed Mustang, Cloud, is an Isabello. Dancer must be an Isabello too


Having once had a grey pony, I can safely say she was never as clean as this handsome chap! Oh Misty, all the soap in the world couldn't make you shine like this.


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love comes in all sizes

All of our horses were trained (by my husband) to sit like a dog . it's awesome.this is not my husband or my horse!

I need a couple of these! --Trekpaarden Draft Horses Chevaux de Trait descendants of Dutch or Belgian draft. What Beautiful handsome animals!

White Gypsy Vanner Horse - Cobalt . . This looks like it could have been in Cinderella's fairy tale

White Gypsy Vanner Horse - Cobalt~ and he is WHITE because he has all pink skin and pink hooves; if he was gray he would have black skin and mostly black hooves.

So I was watching the commentary for A Knight's Tale last night and Brian Helgelund and Paul Bettany were discussing what British people call horses. To my Briton followers: do you guys really call them jeejees, and am I spelling that correctly?

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2015 New Rushed Mosaic Diy Diamond Painting Horse Full Square Drill Diamond Embroidery inlay Cross Stitch Kit Wedding Decor 787


My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.

Shire Horse Young Stallion, showing the beginnings of the fade to dapple grey, and eventually white!

Shire Horse Young Stallion, showing the beginnings of the fade to dapple grey…