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Mahogany Bay  Above, the "sooty" factor, which gives a black tip to the hairs, produces many lovely variations in this color of Akhal-Teke.

Gallery - Akhal-Teke Association of America - this horse is built the way I imagine a unicorn would be built.

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Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque, mare and foal, gorgeous horse running in their pasture, field, black beauty.


My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.

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Love, love love gypsey horses!

In these beautiful horse pictures, you can look at them at their prime beauty and praise God for the creation of these beautiful creatures.

A Beautiful Liver Chestnut Horse .looks more like a Kentucky Mountain horse.but still beautiful. /An absolutely beautiful horse, I also think he is a Mountain horse, EL.

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