cutaway view of Japanese style simple home

In the next “project I’m working on in my spare time” a certain old building plays a great role so I decided to do a little bit more detailed sketches of the interior. This is the first one - main character’s bedroom and study. I tried to stay close.

“A ramen restaurant we ate at. I took photos of the storefront but wanted to do a sketch while I still remember the interior layout.”

Mateusz Urbanowicz on

A sketch of a small Hokkaido style ramen restaurant we ate at the other day. I took some photos of the storefront for my next series, but as I had no photos of the interior I wanted to do a quick sketch while I still remember the layout.

Mateusz Urbanowicz

mattjabbar: “ First floor of the house my main character bought to live in. An old and quite small Japanese style detached house just outside Tokyo. As the house will play a significant role in the project I set out to make a model image.


The training may improve the results. My effective friends say sleep + work should be separate things. The thinking of one thing when doing something else distracts from effectiveness.

Liquor shop (sake and miso)

Liquor shop (sake and miso)