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We found the ultimate cat castle! This is a great idea to keep our indoor cats busy. Discover more pet accommodations on our site now at theownerbuilderne. Is this something your pampered feline

15 Feline-Safe Plants Cats Love | I Has A Cat

15 Feline-Safe Plants Cats Love

DIY ♧ Cat Garden Guide: 15 Feline-Safe Plants Cats Love - why they like them and grow guides for each.

measuring cups...possible gift for mom

How cute are these kitty cat measuring cups? All of us have a “loopy cat woman” that we all know in our lives that might love these LOL. These can be good for my sister in regulation. She solely has two cats however I do know she’d love them.

Uiiii,des ist Casper sein Traum... Jemand Lust dazu-es spontan zu bauen..

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Cats Toys Ideas - Art On Sun: Amazing cat furniture will have your cat climbing the walls and ceiling - Ideal toys for small cats

Die interaktive Ludipuss-CatTank Kratzbaum Katze-Bett

Cats Toys Ideas - Start a Cat Tank Revolution with the Sneaky Pete Interactive Cat Tank from Ludipuss - Ideal toys for small cats

This tower is a Must for the fire cat and is a great project for the earth man…

Another Must-Have Cat Scratcher: The Hicat Climbing System

this is better than a big screen TV:) REAL ENTERTAINMENT:) maryanne. Seriously want this for my cat who is a climber.

Coolest cat wheel ever!  www.catwheel.net looloowheel-LWS101

20+ Most Popular Cat Tree Ideas You Will Love

For many people, having a cat as pet is really wonderful. They are active, elegant and playful as well. Cats always enjoy indoor activities better than dogs.


Katzenbaum war gestern Catframe - das exklusive Katzenmöbel - Idee - I'm keeping the first bit cause it's interesting to look at.

5 Life Hacks fur Cat Owners by Cole & Marmalade -- 1) Use rubber gloves to remove fur.  2) Marinate old cat toys in catnip.  3) Make a cat cave. 4) Cat food puzzle.  5) Whack a mouse!

Puppies toys cats 5 Life Hacks fur Cat Owners by Cole & Marmalade -- 1 Use rubber gloves to remove fur. 2 Marinate old cat toys in catnip. 3 Make a cat cave. 5 Whack a mouse!

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Beautiful home made guineapig cage - the chest of drawers is from ikea, hemnes range - 6 drawer chest of drawers// if only I had the room.and if my parents agreed to me getting a guinea pig :( tho my mum said I might be allowed to get a dwarf hamster :D