gray faille silk high-neck gown, boned bodice with pleated black chiffon with sequins and crystal beads. Sleeves have two puffs, front and back. Undecorated silk skirt lined in polished cotton with velvet hem band.

Ensemble 1897 The FIDM Museum

Day Gown, P. Barroin (Paris, France): ca. printed dotted Swiss, silk chiffon, silk taffeta and cotton braid.

SilkDamask : L'Heure Bleu….A Gown of Midnight Blue Velvet

Full view of SilkDamask: L& Bleu?A Gown of Midnight Blue Velvet. Designed to impress by deception, the walking gown reveals as much about society as it does about fashion. (Irma Bowen Textile Collection at the University of New Hampshire.

Fashion and Costume History     – edwardian-time-machine:   WOOL & LACE MORNING...

I'd love to make something like this as a negligee or housecoat for myself >>> ~WOOL & LACE MORNING GOWN, c. 1895 Blue flannel w/ chemical lace trim, pink silk sash~

Evening dress (image 3) | House of Worth | French | 1893-95 | silk | Metropolitan Museum of Art | Accession Number: C.I.54.4.1a–c

Evening dress Design House: House of Worth (French, Designer: Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne Paris) Date: Culture: French Medium: silk

Woman's Dress: Bodice with Attached Overskirt, Dickey, and Skirt    Made in France, Europe  c. 1889-91    Designed by John Redfern & Sons, Paris, 1881 - 1892    Silk warp-faced plain weave, silk satin with brocading, ostrich feathers

Woman's Dress (Bodice With Attached Overskirt, Dickey And Skirt) Made Of Silk Warp-Faced Plain n Weave, Silk Satin With Brocading And Ostrich Feathers - Designed By John Redfern & Sons (Paris, - France - Philadelphia Museum of Art

Dress, two pieces, circa 1896. Voided velvet, black chiffon, purple. Striking voided velvet pattern with pomegranate design. Skirt is ribbed silk and bodice has gathered black chiffon cuffs, puffed sleeves, and pigeon breasted-blouse front that would persist in popularity into the early 1900s. Via Chester County (PA) Historical Society.

Dress, two pieces, circa Bodice of voided velvet and chiffon. Skirt is ribbed silk. Via Chester County (PA) Historical Society.