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Disney Japanese Dolls ('Kokeshi'). Very cute, esspecially the villains.

Disney ladies as kokeshi dolls? I've always wanted a kokeshi doll tattoo and this just makes it better.

Disney kind of pisses me of. I mean look at their ages, they found love with older men at these ages I mean snow white was 14. And then people seem to think it's wrong for girls to find older men more attractive that the ones their age. But ever since we were younger that's all we have seen through these movies. Rapunzel was 16 and flyn rider was said to be about 27.

See these classic Disney princess after ageing...

In che epoca sono ambientati i film della Disney? (INFOGRAFICA)

Funny pictures about Disney Movies Chronology. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Movies Chronology. Also, Disney Movies Chronology photos.

Disney - Genderbent

I'm just gonna say it, I think female Hans is absolutely gorgeous! And since I'm a Helsa shipper her and male Elsa would be so hot as genderbents! <<< 'Helsa' is a thing? Pffffft I ship either Jelsa or Merida x Elsa

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The 5 sassy ladies from Hercules will read my life story. I love how they are referred to as the 5 sassy ladies from Hercules

I Badass Cartoons dell'illustratore Tohad

“Badass Fanarts” or the hidden face of heroes from the cartoons of our childhood re-visited by illustrator Sylvain Sarrailh, aka Tohad!

Because someone is just amazing enough to do it. Disney Villains as perfumes. Getting all of them!

I seriously want every one of these. my faves are yzma, Ursula, evil queen and mother gothel.Disney Villain Perfumes By Ruby Spark