#Marilyn Monroe

21 Various Old And Rare Photos From Human History

Often mistaken for being a vintage photo of Marilyn, this is actually model Eva Herzigova, in a 1992 Guess ad photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.

and nobody was THIS sexy ever since.

Marilyn em NY

Ed Feingersh, Marilyn Monroe overlooking the balcony at the Ambassador Hotel, New York, march 1955

Marilyn Monroe- with her natural brunette. i think she looks even better this way. Amazing.

Marilyn Monroe with her natural hair color. The blond bombshell was also a Brunette bombshell. This was a model picture before she became Marilyn Monroe I do believe.

Diamonds are a girls best friend! <3

“Jewelry Diamonds may have been a girl’s best friend, but off screen Marilyn rarely wore jewelry. Hairdresser George Masters confirms, “Marilyn never wore jewelry of any kind because she wanted.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe