Sliding door for privacy tiny flat apartment studio bedroom modern style, bright colors, clean neat and tidy, minimalist lifestyle.


Creating a room within a room with a pocket door divider. (Great for kids who have to share a room but want a bit of their own space.) Some great ideas, many contemporary style.

This would be a great room divider for a studio apartment, or large room by proteamundi

This is a pretty great system. This might be an idea for the living area partition. Sliding door, room divider design could be adapted to look more Asian to suit individual styles rather than Oriental style in the photo.

This unusual project was a remodel of a 75-square-meter apartment in the center of Melbourne. The goal was to maximize sleeping areas for the occupants without giving up too much of the living spac...

“In our increasingly consumer culture, there’s something serene and comforting about a lack of excessive stuff,” says Clare Cousins of Melbourne-based Clare Cousins Architects. Cousins’ recent Flinders Lane Apartment remodel took a Melbourne 75 3

A skylight over the lofted bed and some clever storage moves, including magnetized spice containers overhead help maximize space in Austin's Matchbox house.  Photo by: Eli Meir KaplanCourtesy of: Eli Meir Kaplan

Notice the closet UNDER the loft bed-- for a kid, it's a great solution. (Jay Austin’s Matchbox house is only eight feet wide but feels bigger, thanks to a well-organized interior. A skylight over the lofted bed

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Johnson Hardware eliminates the need for a threshold or bottom guide track with its Trackless Door Guides.series and sliding multi-pass pocket door hardware and series and sliding.


This light-filled apartment in the Bialik area of Tel Aviv was refurbished by Italian-born and London-based Chiara Ferrari Studio. The open-plan ar.

Chen + Choi Collaborative (SINGAPORE)  - Pocket Door Detail

'Pocket Door Detail' by James Vira AIA - Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design from United States

Sliding door separating the master bedroom from the living room, Loft project by Justyna Balczewska

Just like this, I don't want tracks in the floor. Sliding door separating the master bedroom from the living room, Loft project by Justyna Balczewska _