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White Stork and baby (Ciconia ciconia) breeds in Europe, Northwest Africa and Southwest Asia

When an infant approaches the end of his first year, parents begin to struggle with boundaries. Soft-hearted parents allow a child to climb all over them in my parent/infant class. The child is searching for limits and boundaries for his behavior

Stork.            ("#störche #stork #ooievaar.")

The White Stork - Coconia ciconia, is a large bird in the family Ciconiidae . This bird breeds in Europe, northwestern Africa and southwestern Asia .

Correlation of births with storks    It’s long been known that human birth rates are correlated with the local stork population. This is true longitudinally (over time) as well as latitudinally (distance from the equator). The latitudinal evidence is too obvious to show, it is why Arctic and Antarctic populations of both storks and humans are so small, but the longitudinal evidence may surprise many.

Oriental Stork (Ciconia boyciana) is a large, white bird with black wing feathers. It is closely related and resembles the European White Stork, of which it was formerly often treated as a subspecies.

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Photographer Owen Humphreys captures thousands of starlings starting their murmuration near Gretna Green

Three white stork chicks wait for food with wide-open beaks in their nest in Neu Luebbenau, Germany.

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