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Harakiri (Seppuku) - Seyo Cizmic  - http://www.seyocizmic.com/

colin-vian: “ Seyo Cizmic - PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) - Redesigned hammer and nails ”

Guillaume Lahure

Guillaume Lahure



Зубные ножницы #стоматология #dentistry

Зубные ножницы (2130) - Разное в стоматологии - фотогалерея

Floating Stones Sculpture by Woods Davy. With the aid of hidden steel, each piece is assembled in such a way that they reflect the rolling waves of the tides that shaped and transported the rocks across the Mexican beach.

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Title: Cantamar 05 02 11 Artist: Woods Davy (American) Year: 2011 Materials/Techniques: stone and granite

Mother and her child #upcycling #great #art #craft

Mother and her child #upcycling #great #art #craft

Hitesh Durgani

Progression bronze sculpture edition 50 by johnstonsculpture. These are done by my incredibly talented friend Jason. Check out his work, especially if you like cast bronze.

Deconstructed & Contorted Banana Sculptures

These are the figures of the banana. It is made by the real bananas, but referring these figures might be helpful on drawing the small materials in the drawing of the workplace.

So many creative and fun ways to use a hot glue gun in DIY crafts.

40 Borderline Genius Glue Gun Projects That Will Enchant Your Life

Make these crafty coral masterpieces with just some wire, glue, and paint.

Awesome Underwater Museum - The Meta Picture

The Amazing Cancun Underwater Museum photography beach beautiful ocean travel vacation museum cancun destination destinations travel destinations

The Most Impressive String Installations in the World | Know more in http://bocadolobo.com/blog/art/the-most-impressive-string-installations-in-the-world/

The Most Impressive String Installations in the World

staceythinx: “ Artist Nike Savvas transforms mathematic formulas into beautiful sculptures. ” The extra-special key ingredient to make this tasty brain dish work is “perspective”. Also, I’m gonna go ahead and throw out the word “Spirograph”