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Top 3 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Invitations | Printsonalities ...

Most unique wedding invitations Printsonalities ever crafted - a box with a slipper, a scrapbook invitation, and an origami invitations.

Origami Lampenschirm - Anleitung für Bastler

Origami Lampenschirm - Anleitung für Bastler


Decoração de casamento com origamis

Origami Wedding Favors (fold 1000 to symbolize patience necessary for marriage to succeed):

3D Origami Hearts:  How To Make 3D Origami Hearts, with a how to video.

What’s better than a bowl full of hearts for Valentine’s Day? And these are super easy to make too. For this project, I made lots and lots of the Origami Hearts out of plain wh… // Valentine's Day