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Desert Outpost by zeedurrani on DeviantArt | Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Sci-Fi | Futuristic Concept Vehicle Spaceship Spacecraft

Some outpost in the middle of the desert. Took inspiration from my earlier concept "Boarding Gate Painted in photoshop with Wacom Intuos Desert Outpost

Here is an old paint thing, the starships for the Confederate Earth Sphere... eh, a few anyways. You might recognize a few from earlier. 1 Centurion Battleship 1 Spartan Cruiser 1 Gladius Destroyer...

The gladius-class is the workhorse of the Confederate Central Military in my RP. 1050 meters or so in length, capable of atmosphere reentry for unloading troops, vehicles and supplies.

Min Nguen

This is one of the projects I did for FZD design cinema. Based on a sci-fi book written by John Scalzi "Old man's war". We wanted to portray the sense of constant war and associated "war" with shield and swords.

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Star Citizen: Squadron 42 : Die Stanton ist eine Fregatte der Idris-Klasse, die maximal vier Jäger trägt. Auf ihr sind wir anfangs und wohl auch für einen ziemlich langen Teil der Story-Kampagne stationiert.

Star Citizen capital ship with escort, [New SC gamedemo happens today!

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Battle Cruiser by Antonio Justamante Jacobs. Keywords: concept spaceship art isfa battle cruiser by antonio justamante jacobs il.