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The statement is that America hides its true nature behind shocking media like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. While people die and suffer we watch women twerk and men fight over paper with dead men on it

Scampi. <3 not $, or neither? :p

sorry BANKSY - Britain's notorious graffiti artist. No one knows who he really is, but his work is amazing. street art by .

Guerrilha Nerd: Intervenções Artísticas Urbanas - Parte3 [30 Fotos]

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year Painting in this piece.I love the splash of blue.

Stop signs... Teehee

Saw his clever work all over Firenze. If it makes people pay more attention to street signs, than I say, why not give him a public works grant! Clet-Abraham_Street-art_stickers-on-traffic-signs_multi_collabcubed

Self explanatory. Banksy.

Street art logo war The Blade of Saturn. 'Nike impaling a child', street art, graffiti art.


A Disturbing & Uncomfortable Truth Told Through These Powerful Street Art Pieces

The use of values and tones makes this piece stand out

Some people call it vandalism; the rest of the world unstoppable Urban Art, one day giant mural will decorate our cities. All our buildings will be covered because, as we all know, there is no earth without art.

Snail Graffiti - There is a graffiti artist from London that paints on the shells of snails! | re-pinned by

Graffiti snails roaming London as part of slow-moving art project

Who needs a gallery when I can paint here for free...

'Who needs a gallery when I can paint here for free?' One must appreciate the honesty of the graffiti artist. We declare the world as our canvas.