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...when we make some photos - blue #flAVATAR

when we make some photos - blue

blue flAVATAR Echinocactus

blue flAVATAR Echinocactus

The Zebra Blue Primrose is not color enhanced.... this is the way they grow. Holy cow! and http://pinterestpi.blogspot.com

"The Zebra Blue Primrose is not colour enhanced. this is the way they grow. Primrose: I cannot live without you, young love, February birth flower". So this is my birth flower, I had no idea!

ARUBA-2016-Caribe Viajes y Congresos

Renaissance Island, Aruba - Hidden lagoons, staggering mountains, European-inspired architecture, and more.

"When you look out into the environment that surrounds you, and you feel appreciation for what you see, you tune yourself to the frequencies of the best of all that you are. And then, the best of All-That-Is, is all that you will see. That is how you manage your point of attraction." —Abraham (Photo: "Time to Come Home" by Phil Koch) ..*

Clouds lead toward the sunset. An interesting and beautiful demonstration of wind!

flAVATAR Magical Flowers - Cactus

flAVATAR Magical Flowers - Cactus