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Candle centerpiece: cranberries and holly. Could also use Rosemary from the garden

Holiday Centerpiece- One of the simplest centerpieces is a glass vase filled with water and real cranberries (not frozen or dried) and a white floating candle. Use a vase with a large opening & a non-scented candle.

Decorare la tavola di Natale

Your home welcomes family and guests. Dress it up for the holidays with the beauty of festive Christmas centerpieces adorned with all that glitters and glows. Create a statement on your holiday tab.

Christmas inspired wedding centerpiece ideas

25 idee per addobbare il nostro tavolo a Natale. Semplici ma di grande effetto.

What do we talk about when we talk about a Christmas wedding? Technicolor lights, grand sense of tradition and elaborate ornamentation… Combined winter with the holiday elements, Christmas always brings out peo.

Fill a mason jar with desired herbs and fruit of your choice either whole or sliced your choice  Fill with water until it is 1 inch from the top put in floating candle and Light  if the candle gets knocked over the water will extinguish the flame  Perfect for Summer and Winter Solstice

Mason Jar Crafts and Décor: Ideas and Inspiration

Christmas mason jar decoration: Leaves, cranberries (they float!), and a floating candle. Rustic and simple! Christmas mason jar decoration: Leaves, cranberries (they float!), and a floating candle. Rustic and simple!

Il centrotavola è il protagonista indiscusso della tavola di Natale; deve avere un bell’impatto estetico, abbinarsi al meglio ai colori che avete scelto per la tovaglia e i segnaposto e, data l’occasione speciale, deve portare sulla tavola allegria, calore e spirito natalizio. Per avere un centrotavola così non è necessario spendere grandi cifre: basta solo ingegnarsi un po’ e sfoderare fantasia e manualità. Ecco come!

For a simple yet stunning centerpiece, place five votive candles (in a variety of Christmas colors) in a line down a red rectangular serving dish. Fill the rest of the dish with cranberries, garnish with a few pine twigs and dust with artificial snow.

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It s beginning to smell a lot like Christmassssss.... What do you mean the song doesn t go like that? I ve been singing it all morning, because it s true! My house smells just like Christmas time in all it s piney-spicy-citrusy-goodness, and today I wanted to show you just how easy it is...

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Christmas DIY: Holiday Scent a medi Holiday Scent a medium sized pot 1 tablespoon vanilla 3 cups apple cider sliced oranges sliced lemon fresh cranberries whole cloves cinnamon sticks fresh rosemary fresh christmas tree or wreath stems (seriously!

Rosemary Wreath - thanksgiving table decor

Styling Your Thanksgiving Table