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Info graphic/sidebar potential here- TRANCE – Neo Psychedelic Festvial by Agustín Guerrero, via Behance


I really love the way this book folds out, and the way that there is 2 books in which between them can create bigger pictures as well as separate information can we make the anthem fit together still if split apart. play off the versatility of the brand?

Everyday Magazine : Mikael Fløysand

-Possibly one of my favorite pieces of Editorial layout- Everyday Magazine : Mikael Fløysand ~

Create a book layout ready to print or publish online

Annual report, the use of colour and shapes create the style of this whole book, graphic elements stay the same across the whole publication (layout, composition reference)

Loop Magazine – Mayra Monobe

Loop Magazine // Awesome layouts, but GAWD, what is with this yellow background? --> Superposition des titres et des images