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“Love has no culture, race, religion, boundaries. It is pure & beautiful like the moon's reflection in a quiet lake.

The moon is like landing on earth, photo taken at Kailas Manaasa Sarovar (Tibetan border - China), photo taken at Sea level 5580 m at early morning. Try to Zoom in to see how beautiful the creation of God !

Amazing Photography Collection: Amazing Amazing Snaps: Swans

Swans at sunset moon./ I love the grace of swans and the moon is , o.

Trapper Creek, Alaska, United States

Aurora Mirrored – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

November Full Moon.....Snow Moon, Frost Moon, Mourning Moon, Tree Moon.

Surreal photography dark dreamy blue trees full moon winter landscape snow ice - "Winter Moon 8 x

woman under full moon

The Moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to . Moon Glow & Moon Beams w/beautiful visions of the moon ~ delightful ~ Just love looking at all these beautiful moonlight pictures ~