Fancy Flight - Cloisonne Butterflies - Indigo/Gold e quilter $9.95 yard new prod 16.9.14

Cloisonne Butterflies - Indigo/Gold from the 'Fancy Flight' collection by Kona Bay.

"Бабочки" (Butterflies) by Соколова Надежда Степановна [Sokolova Nadezhda (Nadejda) Stepanovna], 2008

"Бабочки" (Butterflies) by Соколова Надежда Степановна [Sokolova Nadezhda (Nadejda) Stepanovna], 2008


Fancy Flight - Cloisonne Butterflies - Cranberry/Gold Larger butterflies are about 3 with gold metallic, from the Fancy Flight collection by Kona Bay.

site of clipart

Free Digital Stamp - Butterflies Lots of sweet butterflies for your projects! Butterfly clip art images in different colors.

dragonflies in love

True love: These Damselflies remarkably formed a heart shape while mating

Blue Pansy female butterfly (Junonia orithya)

Blue Pansy Butterfly (junonia orithya) ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths ll"…

Shimmer - Jewel Box Butterflies - Black/Gold Metallic aqua teal turquoise blue

These gorgeous jewel box butterflies are a delight to behold. They can flutter their way to my place anytime.