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Art and photos I like. I like a wide variety of art and can be unusually random. This is art for adults.

Sages of Ioun by *noahbradley on deviantART

Sages of Ioun by *noahbradley on deviantART Fantasy landscape, beam of light from heavens sky to castles on ground

This was in a story I was reading today. Daniel said that we could go there but I didn't believe him, until he showed me a trick to go into any story, picture that I wanted. I can transport myself from world to world, story to story. It takes a lot of energy, Daniel says you get used to it eventually. He said he would help me at first so I didn't get so drained, at least until I could do it myself. We visited the picture in my book today, I don't know where we will go tomorrow

Tokyo in the future Futuristic train; Unlike other train this train travels at lightning speeds and it is way longer so that many people can ride at one time.

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Another inner planet Cmment if you are interested in my new Super Hero RP Board! You make an OC, no other hero worlds exist. Even if you are not interested, give me feedback on the possibility of matchmaker with the superheroes or no?

Horizon Matte Painting - Reminds me of a book I once read called, "Cities in Flight".

Horizon Matte Painting

Horizon Matte Painting - Reminds me of a book I once read called, & in Flight& sci-fi, flying city, retro-futuristic, science fiction