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I just... They're so strange but wonderful and I just want to hang out with them all the time.

I feel like Ashton has been hanging out with Harry a lot. Or watching a lot of Spongebob

Omg can't deal.......just died

Ashton´s got that kinda Special smile i love so much on a guy, it´s rare though, that´s why it´s so Special to me. His laugh does things to my heart

I wanna be that penguin

Ashton saving Luke's penguin XD >>>> put then he throws it back in the pool

But this is actually so true

The accuracy though.>>this is me when one I hear one of the bands I listen to on the tv. Why does it say "one direction" at the bottom?


The fact that people even have to post this is ridiculous. this is should be what happens every time!

You go Granny Irwin>>> this made my life... Sounds like my grandma

You go Granny Irwin>>> this made my life. Sounds like my grandma>>So unexpected

When a member from one of your favorite bands tweets a lyric from another one of your favorite bands!

normal people think that he is actually drunk but its really just a Panic! at the Disco lyric