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Those who don't know, have never opened their heart to welcome a dog, any pet in. Never will a dog be 'just a dog.' The purest of souls ❤

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Truer words were never spoken

The German Shepherd Dog Community: Our has absolute loyalty to whoever is taking care of him. They are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save yours. They truly are any Law Enforcement Officer's best friend in the field or otherwise.

Maybe the reason I love animals so much...

Maybe the reason I love animals so much is because the only time they have ever broken my heart is when they've crossed the rainbow bridge.

Funny and true for any German Shepherd!! Huge hearts, but a shedding nightmare!!

A) nobody kills a vacuum like a GSD. B) i can only imagine what the shed volume of a long-coated version would look like.egads C) THREE of them? might need to hire professionals to clean for you

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3 sides

That was the way our Black German Shepherd (Shasta) was when anyone got around Brandi Nicole when she was little.


Except in our case it was a nun walking around where we live for some reason. Wish I could have got it on video. So would have went viral.That& my girl!

Pets are family

This should speak to all you selfish bastards that get dogs and abused them. If you want a pet get a pet. If you dont want a pet let somebody who does have these beautiful pets in their life.