ROOM+CAFEの建物の外部にある立水栓、ごく普通のよくあるタイプのやつでした。  建築当初から、なんとかしないと・・・と思い続けてきましたが、よう...

ROOM+CAFEの建物の外部にある立水栓、ごく普通のよくあるタイプのやつでした。 建築当初から、なんとかしないと・・・と思い続けてきましたが、よう...

20 идей для беседки, о которой можно мечтать | Дачный участок


Inspiration only since pin is in a foreign language. Very cute idea for a small yard or area where you need to add a covered area

Красивый пруд из ванны на даче


How to transform an old bathtub into a charming garden pond complete with aquatic plants.

Garden Tap. Free Standing Stainless Steel Outdoor Tap, Platform & Hose Wheel

HEIBI Wasserstelle 53242-072 Edelstahl Zapfstelle


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Wishing well out of Pallets | Pallet Furniture

Wishing well out of Pallets

Like this pallet wishing well, that has been crafted for outdoor decoration and attraction, placed in your garden or yard. It has been built with the creative