Magnetic bathroom storage ... from Martha.

To maximize space in a traditional medicine cabinet, line the inside back of the cabinet and door with sheet metal, then use magnetic containers and hooks to hold supplies. Great way to get rid of "loose" items floating around your medicine cabinet!

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Use fancy candle containers to hold makeup brushes and other small items in the bathroom (via Apartment

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet and Make It Pretty

Display or stow? Most of us have so much stuff crowding our lives that finding perfect places for the basics–from toothbrushes to tote bags to cutting boar

Editors' Picks: 14 Favorite Storage Solutions in Our Own Homes

what a great way to hide an electric toothbrush

what a great way to hide an electric toothbrush! For less permanent: Cut outlet appropriate size hole in back of medicine cabinet and hang over outlet!