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Yin-Yang ♡ Amazing Surreal Digital Paintings by French Artist Cyril Rolando

grafika blue, anime, and stars

Most popular tags for this image include: anime, blue, night, stars and black and white

✮ sugarmints artblog ✮ : Photo

From the music game Deemo. The art and story is really inspiring and gorgeous, and of course the songs are beautiful as well.

the moon tree in my garden...

the moon in the tree.I just realized why all men want to have a threesome with 2's their way of returning to their pagan roots, to be sandwiched between Mother Earth and the Goddess Moon.

The Art Of Animation, Megatruh

You and I are connected, and our worlds are also connected. I have come down to meet you on a road of stars, through the gate of the moonlit sky~ ----. spirit from the night sky .