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I now know what this is called.

We all secretly have it. ( though I'm kinda outta the closet with that.along with thousands of other anime otakus xD) << I totally have it ^^

This is so me!

Ah, how much i've learned from the people who never existed. Thats not true. They do exist, in every otaku's heart.

Exactly wat ppl need to learn to understand!...And holy crap, you ppl are repinning this A LOT, ive never had something with this many repins, like wow<<<it's BEUTIFUL

I do it all the time but when it comes to anime or reading anime I snap <<<< excuuuuuse me but you do not "READ" anime. You WATCH anime. You READ Mangas thank you very much

I'm so used to it I don't even notice. And I've got a friend who just won't deal with it and only watches things dubbed. tsk tsk

True. so true

Yep but also a otaku thing<<<im like sure otakus are a type of fangirl/fanboy

This is so me every time i try to tie it i always end up looking like mikasa when eren rapped the scarf around her

I've done it once but that's because I had to tie the ribbon on top of my hair tie

My response everytime!

(He's technically a vocaloid and not an anime guy.) Len is one of my top fictional character crushes.

My dad, I'm not even sure he knows what anime IS. My mom? At least she tries.:D

My parents are better than that lol cause they watch classic animes too 😂😂😂😂

for only certain people in my school>>>*cough* basically all of the people at my school *cough*

I tried fighting like Naruto, but ended up laughing my head off on the floor. It was fun!

Yeah I've tried learning to fight just so I can look like the really cool anime peeps who fight. but I yell when I get punched

But being too busy (watching anime) to do anything about it.

But being too busy (watching anime) to do anything about it. I always want to be as strong as Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.