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carries me as support all the time!, who carries you?


Irelia, League Of Legends, League Legends

LoL - Heartseekers by chazzpineda

I thought about this idea awhile back when I saw their skins. I was going for funny but it went a dive to depressing. By the way I do apologize for the lack of art, I got transferred to a more hand.

Poor Velkoz

[Image - 710853]

League Of Legends lvl: hidden passives:

I know some of them are, but some like the cougar form experience thing seem unlikely. League Of Legends lvl: hidden passives

Pantheon, Singed, Urgot, Cass, Ashe

second week of the daily highfives! anyone's favorite champs make it this week? thanks for checking out my stuff guys! -jouste the drawbarian

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Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword-Twilight Princess -Link to the Past-Link Between Worlds-Wind Waker