Totoro Inari Sushi ♥

Totoro Inari Sushi ♥ (i find it difficult to eat them. how can i gnaw that cute totoro?

どの子が好き? タイ発・ポケモンおにぎりが超かわいい♡

どの子が好き? タイ発・ポケモンおにぎりが超かわいい♡

焼き魚にちょこんと添えて!芸術の秋にぴったりな「猫おろし」がかわいすぎる!! - macaroni

焼き魚にちょこんと添えて!芸術の秋にぴったりな「猫おろし」がかわいすぎる! - macaroni

It appears from the translation the cats are made of grated radish, not small red salad radish, large white chinese radish.

wikitree | "계란 이불 덮고 코 자요" 과하게 귀여운 요리 18선

Epic little soot sprite onigiri with a little bit of Totoro and Catbus on the side makes for a box full of cuteness!

Totoro maki sushi!! ^__^ studio ghibli food

トトロの飾り巻き寿司レッスン -   お稽古サロン 苧野★        【石川県・福井県】飾り巻き寿司・デコカップケーキ・料理の教室

It's so cute!! I want to gobble it up! !!

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