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cats and books go hand-in-hand

The cutest bookend ever!

Kitten keeping cool. Print by Makoto Muramatsu

Print by Makoto Muramatsu

Books and Cats

A few of my favorite things! Books, cats, books, an old-fashioned look, and books!


Full Diamond Kitten and roses diy diamond painting embroidery canvas home decoration painting cross stitch mosaic

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These cats know how to master the art of "Sleep-fu"

These cats know how to master the art of "Sleep-fu"

"Sleep-jicu" a new move that whoes invented by ninjagos strongest cat - Fluffy! I bet Lloyd, Nya, Kai, Cole, Zane or Jay can't unlock that!

Makoto Muramatsu

" It's A Cat's Life~ Artist: Makoto Muramatsu~

Kittens and books! Two of my favorite things!

Стразы «Озорник» картина стразами, алмазная вышивка, алмазная мозаика, живопись стразами, дизайн, недорого, своими руками, поделки своими руками

Алмазная вышивка «Озорник»

2016 Fashion Home Decoration Pretty Cato On Cup Mosaic Diamond Paiting Pattern Rhinestone Crochet Needle Crochet

Self-portrait. #imgur


This Lucia Heffernan Norman Catwell Gallery-Wrapped Canvas is perfect!

bookshelfcat: A pile of books and a cat to cuddle :) Via Marta Rodríguez

 Fell asleep reading

this sweet kitten fell asleep reading.

Meow © Blake MORROW (Artist, Canada)

\black Cat and Book of Shadows Art by Blake MORROW (Artist, Canada) Halloween

la mejor compañia

sea-passion: “Little blonde girl and cat reading a book together by Agnieszka Filipowska ”

Lil Bub enjoys a good book

11 Cats Who Clearly Love to Read

Just doing a Lil reading

This is adorable

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