THE TRAILS OF APOLLO SPOILER The best part in the whole book :-)

Story time: I was reading under my desk in class and then I read that and gasped really loudly and my teacher just glared at me and held out her hand. I had to give her the book and she just sighed. I barely focused for the rest of class.

Leo Valdez. O.M.G this just blew up in my face. Me: Fangirls. Dies. Reawakenes. Screames. Repeats.

The funniest thing happened the other day. I saw the letters L O V and E on the ground and instead of rearranging it to form "love", I rearranged it to form "LEO V" without really thinking about it. I thought I was the only one that realized.

Sam is the fandom

Sam is the fandom

HOLLY HERA !!! THIS TRAILER IS AWESOME!!!! Can't wait so see Apollo in CHB with his kids.

Not the way it happened in the book. He does manage to still be good at archery in the book - just not perfect at it like he was before being banished.

Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl.   (Don't know if this is true, but still...)

Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl. (Don't know if this is true, but still. The love of Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl is very strong. Apparently so strong that even the queen of the gods jealous is.

Ahhh!!! SPOILERS!! (sort of) I drew this days ago and couldn’t wait to post it anymore! This wasn’t really a scene from the book, but ya know, whatever… Also why must I draw things that make me cry???

After reading the Trials Of Apollo I suddenly feel really bad for Apollo. I wanted to hold this precious sun god the whole book!