Pascal Campion

Winter mood - Hmmmm…I have an idea. - What are you thinking? - How about we spend Winter in bed?

pascal campion: 2016

'Awake at night and your son falls asleep in your arms' - Pascal Campion.

Kai Fine Art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world.

cocina pascal campion

Is this hot enough for you? _Here is your hot chocolate honey, with the little marshmallows, like you like. I also did the dishes, took out the trash, paid the bills and….

Wow - I love the colors, the depth and the feeling of this piece of art!  by pascal campion: The view.

Girl and her cat on a fire escape looking out at the blue and purple city at night. Dreamy and pretty. Artist Pascal Campion's illustrations add a sense of joy to everyday life.

Girl, Light and... tomatoes?? _ Ragazza, Luce e... pomodori?? -  Illust: #PascalCampion

Sunday Market by PascalCampion on DeviantArt This one is so beautiful

"Love is not something that you fall in love with. Love is an internal spiritual condition that permeates our whole being." Khalil Gibran

Status:Single by Pascal Campion ~~ The artist got this right; me (plus 40 yrs or so!) in my bedroom, with my cat (always at my side) gazing out of the window. Maybe it should be "Status: Single/Lonely".