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>> TALES FROM THE CRYPT™ One-of-a-kind-undead-entite-with-followers-across-multiple-x-generations...<<…Well if it our old friend The Cryptkeeper™ returned from a long slumber!!! Do you think he might tell us where he's been for all these years? Off in some rotted tomb is anyone's guess....>>…

"This face which earned a mother's fear and loathing, a mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing. Turn around and face your fate, an eternity of this before your eyes.

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Dont know i look at this picture and see scarecrow.but the dopest version‍♂️

eu não sei se isso é uma criatura mas se for eu quero

“You must be careful in the forest of thorns. There are tales about creatures that kill anyone who is foolish enough to cross this way.

As ilustrações de personagens de terror de Dennis Carlsson

As Halloween nears, I though you'd appreciate a look at the Gorgeously Grotesque Horror Art by Swedish Tattoo Artist and digital painter Dennis Carlsson.



Oh Mein Gott

Psychology Fucked Insane Crazy Dead Cannibalistic Satanic Nun Of Darkness.

Pessoas formando imagens de caveiras nas pinturas de Tom French

Skull Illusion Artwork by Tom French. Born in Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Tom began his studies at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to graduate from the Sheffield… Continue Reading →

Artist: Choi Won Chun aka Doo - Title: Legend of the Cryptids - Card: Edeltraud the Lone King

Mephistroth the Demon Lord of Sin. He is the Archnemisis of Dracula and the Only demon Lord who does not wish for the destruction of mortal kind.