What are pinch points and how can they make your book easier to write? - Helping Writers Become Authors

What Are Pinch Points? And How Can They Make Your Book Easier to Write? - Helping Writers Become Authors

Beginner's Novel Writing Tips by The Novel Factory: novel plot cheatsheet

I think this is on my "How NOT to Write a Crime Story" list! Beginner's Novel Writing Tips by The Novel Factory: Mystery Plot Template / Story Beats / Roadmap

As K.M. Weiland explains, each “overall scene” includes a scene and a sequel. The scene begins with a goal, which is frustrated by conflict, and results in a disaster. The sequel starts with a reaction to the disaster, followed by a dilemma and then a decision. In the book, she goes into an amazing amount of detail about different options for each of these elements.

How to Deconstruct a Scene like K.M. Weiland [INFOGRAPHIC

Calling all fantasy and sci-fi writers! Do you often have problem with plot…

Breaking Down The Hero's Journey Plot Structure (tips for fantasy & sci-fi writers)

Writing Worksheet – Endings (PDF) In honour of NaNoWriMo, this month’s worksheets will have one purpose: to increase your word count by hook or by book.