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Easter Egg Drying Pin-Board

These are awesome!  Brett Bara shows us how to make chalkboard eggs which you can then write on and erase as you please... You could set these on eggcups and use them as placecards, or let kids decorate and redecorate eggs...use hard boiled eggs or maybe a  wooden egg for more permanence...

Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs is a photo craft tutorial that shows how to use chalkboard paint on boiled eggs, coloring them with chalk to give a cool look!


Easter Egg Drying Pin-Board

Acheieving desired shades is really easy with our printable egg-dyeing color wheel chart. It provides the dye amount and dipping times for a large range of colors.

Gotta make these beauties!

Lace Eggs

DIY Lace Eggs from Martha Stewart Crafts. Read the comments: egg dyes will be obsorbed by the lace and leave no print behind. Also blow your eggs days AFTER dying, otherwise, you'll be frustrated by floating eggs.


DIY Pysanky Eggs The inspiration for this Easter egg dying technique comes from Pysanky, the ancient Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye egg decorating.

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20 of the best Easter egg decorating ideas

Patterned Easter Eggs - Absolutely Gorgeous!

Fabric-Dyed Easter Eggs Wrapping an Easter egg in textured fabric before dyeing makes an intricate pattern that looks like hand-painting.

There are so many more Easter egg options than basic dip dyeing.

14 Offbeat Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs