Absolutely beautiful. That is exactly how it feels to lose your baby, no matter how far along you were.

The importance of grieving a miscarriage. Turning a loss into hope. Turning a tragedy into a testimony.

Finally someone gets it! My loss was no less significant because my babies were younger gestationally. That's like telling someone who loses their 2 year old that their loss is less significant because at least he wasn't 3 yet.

Deeper Still: Guest Post: Early Pregnancy Loss- I definitely think some people need to read this. In order to realize how precious my first baby was to me. and how it makes this baby so much more special than just any old pregnancy

Such a powerful picture!

This is not a happy-go-lucky post. This is about trials and the pain associated with them. We trust in God but it doesn't mean that it is easy.

To my lovely friends who have experienced losses, privately or reluctantly in the spotlight, thinking of you today on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. “When a child loses his parent, they are.

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:( the sadness this art brings. Remembering the day I began to bleed and knowing at that same moment something was terribly wrong. Never meeting my baby and I miss you so much.

Sometimes aicture can describe more then a thousand words.

This photo symbolizes abortion and the pain of feeling empty and incomplete that comes with it. The agony that one may feel because of the decision that she made.


Detached from the world . detached from society . detached from my family . detached from myself .