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The Red Cape Project Uses Cardboard to Communicate Its Message

Geometric Cardboard Sculptures

A cardboard installation called Capa Roja or the red cape project by Cazapapeles involves life sized wolves, their surrounding environment, .

Kinetic Cardboard Creatures  http://laughingsquid.com/kinetic-creatures-cardboard-walking-animal-sculptures/

Lucas Ainsworth & Alyssa Hamel is raising funds for Kinetic Creatures on Kickstarter! Kinetic Creatures are DIY mechanical cardboard animals.

20-year-old Taiwanese student Kai-Xiang Xhong has the unique hobby of constructing astonishingly intricate and realistic works of art from cardboard. Recen

These incredible cardboard sculptures are the creations of Kai-Xiang Xhong. This cardboard master has been slicing up cardboard for some time now.

Rhino model Rhino Sculpture Animal paper Rhinoceros paper

You can make your own Rhinoceros Models DIY paper craft projects to create a…

Vince Human Skull by Cardboard Safari

Vegan human skull (puzzle) - Calavera vegana (puzzle) From Amsterdam's BEST shop ever, The Otherist De la MEJOR tienda de Amsterdam, sin duda: The Otherist

Cardboard Dachshund

Cardboard cutout sculpture of a dachshund. Product: SculptureConstruction Material: CardboardColor: BrownDimensions: H x W

Cardboard Mounted Deer Heads for the Eco Conscious Decorator | Green Prophet

Enjoy taxidermy without the guilt, with a recycled (and recyclable) cardboard deer head. In centuries past, mounted deer (or other animal) heads were

Papel del lobo Kit plegable  pre-orden  por AssembliShop en Etsy

*** DIY Kit for Paper Ninjas and Expert Crafters! *** An animal friendly wolf folding kit to create a big paper wall trophy. The assembled size of

Geometric Models Of Wild Animals Made Entirely With Paper by Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer, also known as PaperWolf, is known for his talent in creating beautiful models of polygonal animals that are made entirely with colored paper.

"Pantxa, Paper, Guido y Coop"  llegando a Espacio Suberviola-Store & Gallery, Bilbao 2014. Fabián Di Luciano, cartón reciclado.

"Pantxa, Paper, Guido y Coop" llegando a Espacio Suberviola-Store & Gallery, Bilbao 2014. Fabián Di Luciano, cartón reciclado.

DIY PAPER SCULPTURES Decorative Bear Sculpture от ottockraft

Orso - The Bear Template ***************************** Orso is one of our animal friendly DIY paper craft projects to create a polygonal shaped