A MAGYARSÁG A MAG NÉPE: A magyar népművészet, népviselet és a szakrális geometria

Hungarian folklore in Europe (Cultural Hungarian map) I chose this picture to show the folklore in Hungary.

Some nice examples of hungarian stitches.

Kalotaszeg is a region in Transylvania, Romania. It is one of the few areas in Western Romania with a significant Hungarian population, and it is a stronghold of old Transylvanian Hungarian folk traditions.

Hímzésminták (embroidery patterns) by Magyar Kincsestár https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.245427098862788.57501.166951346710364&type=3#!/media/set/?set=a.245427098862788.57501.166951346710364&type=3 #embroidery #sewing #stitching

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